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Sheba Platform Limited have been a household name for three years in the marketplace, serving customers by providing the best quality services through online platform. However, after three years of working in the same field we felt that transformations so we developed an app sManager, which helps Micro, Small and Medium enterprises (MSME) to manage their business and apply for loan acquisition. In Bangladesh, despite the economic contributions made by these ventures, MSMEs continue to suffer from infrastructural inefficiencies, among them chiefly from lack of finances. It is said that about 50% of the MSMEs suffer from capital shortages, as gaining loan is a hassling matter in the country. Only 19% of the MSMEs make up the loan portfolio, which normally should have been around 40%. Banks are mostly reluctant to provide loans to these sManager aims to introduce the concept of Neo-Banking at the bottom of the pyramid in Bangladesh. sManager keeps track of sales, purchases, inventories, accounts payable, and accounts receivables. Moreover, the app also prepares the financial statements from the data that it has kept track of. The most astonishing feature of this app is that it enables loan acquisition for MSMEs owners. As the app prepares the financial information and does the automated credit scoring on behalf of the banks, it reduces the time and cost which would have to be incurred by the bank. The app would help to encourage financial inclusion at the bottom of the pyramid through digitization. We hope that our app would help to contribute to the loan portfolio to be at least 35%. This would help to reduce poverty and manage business more efficiently.



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