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Smart Connected Farming techniques involve sensor based application at individual farm level which meaningfully controls the pre plantation methodology, soil testing, soil preparation, plant watering, plant fertilizers, harvesting machinery & storage methodology. Soil moisture, temperature, humidity, pressure, leaf color sensors, along with many other sensors, as needed, are used in such Smart Farms. These Smart Connected Farm sensors are low in cost, easy to install, reliable & having low maintenance.
Such localized control sensors are programed to enhance Farm Yields thereby making effective utilization of water & manpower resources. As the soil used for such farm products is specifically controlled by use of correct fertilizers, it helps in maintaining the balance of Environmental features. The data gathered in real time from the cultivated land, is uploaded to Servers by help of LTE Mobile links or VHF/UHF Radio RTTY Links. These data links can also be uploaded to various Satellites & the Connected Smart Farm network can be further enhanced for effective data analytics & development of AI controlled systems. 
Such Connected Farm Networks Data, provides connectivity to the entire supply chain domain. The Smart Farm Network has end-to-end control, starting from supply of farm requirements like seeds, water, fertilizers, post-harvest storage planning, packaging and enhancing the sales distribution of farm products. Block Chain & Smart Contracts implementation in the supply chain domain will enhance the entire system processes further. Socioeconomically disadvantaged vulnerable groups can make use of such Smart Connected Farm Technology to improve their living conditions.
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