Smart energy efficient incubator with vital sign monitoring system.

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The rate of infant mortality is rising rapidly. Every year several infants dies because of improper 

care and lack of necessities they need. Although a typical incubator has attributed to a great extend 

to provide a suitable external environment to the baby but still there are many issues while 

dealing with it. A typical incubator is not only so much expensive and utilize more energy but also 

unable to carry anywhere because of it's heavy weight. The heavy weightiness leads to create a 

distance between baby and mother which results in slow recovery of baby. Its huge size 

and greater cost also make it unapproachable in rural areas and poor people. The portable 

incubator has been designed to overcome all these issues and to provide a better alternative. The 

ideology is based on to innovate such a device which resembles the typical incubator in 

its functioning but also have other features which are not yet available in it. It focuses on the 

light weightiness,cost efficiency and the most importantly mobility. The blanket incubator is 

provided with the measures of temperature, humidification and also the vital sign monitoring. It is 

also facilitated by a therapeutic environment, a basic need of an infant to safeguard him from 

jaundice and other viral or infectious disease. And has alarming system also



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