Smart Energy Systems for Agriculture

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Our system uses a wide diversity of solid biomass wastes and converts these into biochar fertiliser, desalinated water for drinking, smokeless solid fuel for clean cooking and space cooling in agriculture. Such an integrated system is built in modules, which are deployed in appropriate locations with minimal disruptions to local communities during construction. The system is robust and has very little dependence on externally procured consumables. The labour required to run such a system is very low (one trained operator per day) thus having a greater availability. We are now seeking funding and collaboration within your consortium of partners to deliver these benefits across the globe within our lifetime. Our aim is to further refine the system in our labs in UK before we deploy an integrated system in a challenging use environment in Pakistan for example. We want to use local biomass wastes to convert it into biofertiliser, smokeless fuel, and water for refugees and at the same time provide jobs and reduces pollution from decomposing wastes. We have done our homework already and need your support to transfer the benefits to all and truly address the triple bottom line of sustainability by means of environmental, social and economic benefits. We need us all together for this project to make a positive difference in the lives of refugees and common person.

We have gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience on energy and chemicals from wastes during the involvement within various European Union projects while working at prominent UK institutions. We have learnt that private companies mostly accelerate applied engineering of innovations when the business is sustainable on long-term basis. Hence, we set up Eco Research Ltd in UK. We are a team of engineers, scientists and technicians to benefit to global population by taking our research out from our labs into the big wider world. We want to build our next modular unit of 250 kg biomass input per hour and then upscale our production capability by recruiting more people and doubling our manufacturing capability every year by starting with four units each from year 2020. We have a long way to go and the mission is not impossible, as we are very committed to transfer our research into benefits for common person globally. Are you with us? We are not just waiting but continuing to work and your support will only accelerate our progress to bring the benefits to locals. Keep watching this space, we are onto something big.



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