Smart Farm

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Smart Farm saves the farmer a lot of time by doing mundane routine work that can be automated. This solution is best suitable for urban farmers, who have greenhouses or hydroponic units installed, but also have other jobs. The unique benefit is that they can monitor their greenhouse farms anywhere in the world using their smartphones or computer and get to remotely control certain activities such as nutrient mixing, nutrient feeding, pump control and valve control.

Hydroponic farming is a sensitive type of farming where constant monitoring is required. This deters potential urban farmers from venturing into farming due to the busy urban lifestyle. Smart Farm eases this burden by reducing the amount of time spent on the farm thus encouraging more people in cities to venture into farming.

Not only does the system save time, but it also gives the farmer real-time data of environmental variables such as temperature, humidity, moisture content and PH for better health and yield production.

New features will constantly be added to the Smart Farm unit such as automatic spraying and disease and pest detection using Artificial Intelligence.



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