Smart Herbicide Spraying

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Herbicide application is essential for high yields. However, high costs of herbicides, lack of infrastructure, and inefficient procedures make this essential process unaccessible for small farmers in developing countries. To increase food security and yields in developing countries, company is developing a Computer Vision solution "SHS
smart herbicide spraying" that will allow farmers to decrease their herbicide expenditures by 50%. This will lead to increase in yields up to 60% and at the same time decrease of total costs by up to 20%. Further on, to give access to bigger number of small farms, we plan to provide on-demand herbicide spraying service that will allow farmers to apply herbicides without buying high-cost equipment.

By modifying existing sprayers (machinery for herbicide application) with cameras that will detect and spray weeds in real-time. It is not a drone solution that has to be recharged every 15 mins or a complex sensor network that is hard to exploit. It is an add-on for existing equipment that is cheap and easy to deploy.

Solution will in short term allow farmers decrease their herbicide usage by 50%, which will mean tremendous spending cuts and let farmers to increase their margins. In long-term it will allow farmers to get rid of low-cost toxic herbicides and fight growing herbicide resistance among weeds. It will also allow farmers in developing countries to apply herbicides (which will increase their yields by up to 60%), since herbicide price will not be so unaffordable as previously.



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