Smart Metering System

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We intend to mitigate, and hopefully obliterate energy theft along the District Distribution lattice of the Nigerian electric power system by developing a single phase smart metering system inclusive of the under listed phases:

The development of a prototype smart meter; The design of a two way communication system for the smart metering system; and The design of a back end software for phase auditing, monitoring and control.

The most advanced metering platform installed and utilized in a very few parts of the country is the basic phase of the smart metering architecture. The operational function of this phase is limited to the digital display of aggregated demand in kWh. Also, it is able to effect switching operations when the digital counter either reaches the zero mark, or when the counter is reset by reloading. The technological solution proposed is the advanced phase of the smart metering architecture.

Certain features and protective functionalities have been factored into our design to ensure that it is resilient enough to sail unhindered in an extreme energy theft prone environment such as the Nigerian space.

This technological solution will improve energy access of Nigeria and alleviate its per capita index from the present paltry value of 0.054 kW.

Other specific benefits of the proposed solution are:

a). Measurement and display of active and reactive power components delivered;

b). Detection and reading of real time line connection status;

c). Provision of a single phase addressing scheme at 11 kV;

d). Estimation and display of additional line parameters such as power factor, line voltage and kWH consumption;

e). Communication with control center at the utility end in real time;

f). Measurement and display of half hourly values of line mode parameters; 

g). Quantification and display of half hourly values of Customer Oriented Interruption Indices;

h). Ability to effect control operations remotely; and

i). Development of database for billing and monitoring purposes. 



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