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As we know that now there are many rivers which have dirty and unhealthy water. Whereas, we need water for our daily activities. It caused by water pollution. Many industries and houses throw their waste to the river. They do not realize that their bad habit can bring bad impact on their own life. For example, this water pollution will plug up water canal. Then it will occur flood and skin disease. I have an idea to solve this problem. I have a project to made a smart net to clean up the river. This net will put at the river especially under the bridge. While trash coming and touch this net, the sensor will be opened the box and send it to the last banishment by underground line. This net completely by the smart pipe. The smart pipe will filter dirty and poisonous water to be clean and clear water. So people can use it for their daily activities. This net use electricity from water by water wheel and stream. Hopefully, it will be an eco-friendly tool and our society more healthy than before.



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