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A major challenge to climate in my country Uganda and majority of African countries is bush burning and deforestation. This is because majority of people in rural and urban centers rely on charcoal for purposes like cooking, poultry farming, and heating rooms.

Our target is to regulate the use of charcoal in poultry farming. Poultry farmers use charcoal to warm growing chicks in their early weeks of growth. This method is costly, harmful to the poultry, and creates a need for cutting down trees which is a cause of global warming.

In our solution, a fluorescent bulb is used to heat the room in which the birds are kept. A fluorescent bulb gives out 95% of its energy in form of heat which justifies it's use. Since the bulb consumes about 100W, it's working hours have to be controlled. This is done with a temperature sensitive control circuit which only turns on the bulb when the room temperature goes below the specified value for brooding. The control circuit is smart enough to determine the week of growth for the chicks, and therefore provide the desired temperature for that particular stage of growth. For example, in the first and second weeks temperatures are kept at 35°C and 33°C respectively.

The entire setup sits on a 30cm square area, meaning it can be deployed in an urban housing once plugged in a power source. With such a system, every household has the ability to engage in poultry farming for subsistence and commercial benefits.



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