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Arable land is scarce and already reaching its maximum capacity due to mono-cultures and the increasing use of chemicals. Yields are declining due to droughts and floods caused by the effects of climate change. In addition our food travel halfway around the world before it reaches our plate.It is also estimated that by 2030 nearly 50% of the world population may live in urban areas (FAO). As such, the smart vertical gardening solves urban problems of; 1. Lack of farming space 2.Food insecurity and Poor nutrition 3. Poverty and unemployment 4. Waste Management.

PEA’s flagship product is the Smart Vertical Gardens. The Smart Vertical gardens converts 16 square feet into 64 square feet of farming space and are capable of growing up to 200 plants. The vertical gardens can also be mounted with a greenhouse material to address the agro-climatic challenges. The vertical garden is garden in a box, home made out of local wood material that can be assembled and positioned on any small ground, home yard, school yard, office buildings and walk ways, making it accessible to everyone.. At the center is a column-like vermicomposting chamber which converts waste to compost manure. The worms feed on the organic matter to produce high quality fertilizer. The chamber is designed so that worms can travel throughout the soil column hence contributing to aeration and infiltration, while at the same time depositing their worm castings.

This solution is leading to the development of home based enterprises that are key to improvement of household income and food security. The project also contributes to alleviation of rural youth and women unemployment. This project targets rural women most especially since it is home based and women in Uganda are majority home keepers without major source of food and employment. Micro-gardens have the potential for creating micro-enterprises that can be owned and operated by families, individuals and community members contributing to diet and food security in homes.

Smart Vertical Gardens is an environmentally friendly project accomplished with no no-organic chemical fertilizers , no pesticides, no carbon and no waste. Everything is composited naturally and we only grow non GMO vegetables.



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