Smart waste management with carbon reduction

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Waste management is a major problem in developing countries, in Dar es salaam the amount of solid waste generated is 4600 tons which are likely to emit a large amount of greenhouse gases approximately 286.49 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. Inefficient in waste collection results in crude dumping and inappropriate burning of waste by the community, lack of waste generation data makes it hard for designing the waste collection route which all additively contributes to carbon emission.

Through the use of emerging technology, we are utilizing the power of the internet of things (IoT) in real-time waste data collection and intervene waste management system by mobile application technology. Together we integrate community, government, and stakeholders in one platform for participatory waste management.

Our solution is based on utilizing the emerging of smart cities by introducing usafi bins. The usafi bins are planted with ultrasonic sensor, GPS sensor, and GPRS/GSM sensor, Usafi bins are connected to the cloud via gateway app in Usafi Mobile Application.

Usafi Mobile Application is a platform used for real-time monitoring of Usafi bins, integrating waste generators, collectors, recyclers and policymakers. It is patched with a location intelligence technology for the best waste route collection design.

Always better waste management should not stick only to waste collection but also waste data collection, waste data can help in designing the best route for waste collection, minimize the use of fresh raw material, improve supply chain which aims at a circular economy that will reduce carbon emission.



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