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Educators today are facing multiple challenges in imparting quality education through traditional classroom teaching. Some of these challenges are:

  • Low teacher to student ratio
  • Shortage of expert teaching staff
  • Lack of effective means to engage students
  • Lack of tailored learning resources
  • Constrained academic infrastructure
  • Lack of collaboration and group learning

Challenges in Imparting Education

Smart Classrooms address many of these challenges through technology enhanced classrooms that foster opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating computers, specialized applications, intelligent lecture delivery and audio/visual capabilities. However, currently available classroom solutions are not scalable and offer little or no opportunities for co-learning and human connect.

Need to Bridge the Gap

There is an urgent need to provide high-quality education to students at affordable costs, especially to those in rural areas. Leveraging technology to impart affordable and accessible education to students, while assisting teachers in improving their teaching methods to make classrooms lively and interactive is the need of the hour.

Gap in Existing Virtual Classroom Solutions

  • Not easily scalable
  • No two-way communication
  • No emphasis on co-learning
  • Minimal human connects

Welcome ‘SmartED – Classroom Redefined’

SmartED is the world's first comprehensive hardware-software integrated smart classroom solution that addresses many of the challenges of traditional learning while offering new ways of enhancing the classroom experience.

Integrated solution

SmartED is an integrated smart classroom solution comprising a collaboration device and an application suite for education.

Collaboration Device

SmartED collaboration device brings together true-to-life image quality, high speed computing, dual cameras, high sensitivity microphone, integrated stereo speakers, multiple interface connections, and a powerful operating system.

Collaboration Suite

SmartED collaboration suite enables participative multi-classroom teaching via features such as lecture capture system, collaborative whiteboard, screen/document sharing, instant messaging, and an integrated content library. The collaboration suite is hosted on VirtuXPro, a cloud-based platform that leverages SaaS to deliver a secure, scalable and high-definition video collaboration.

Benefits of ‘SmartED – Classroom Redefined’

  • Enables multi-classroom teaching across multiple locations
  • Makes classes more technology-driven and learner-centric
  • Brings learners from around the world together online in highly interactive virtual classes
  • Allows teachers to record lectures so learners can replay and relearn the lessons later.
  • Enhances participative learning experience
  • Facilitates real-time communication between participants
  • Fosters interaction while alleviating the need for everyone to be at the same location
  • Enables unified content management

Solution Overview

‘SmartED – Classroom redefined’ solution enables anytime, anywhere learning by providing comprehensive, interactive and recordable audio-video lectures, facilitated by video collaboration.

SmartED Collaboration device

SmartED collaboration device is an integrated, multipurpose, plug and play collaboration device that is set to revolutionize the way we interact, collaborate, communicate, and co-create. This compact and portable device is easy-to-use and offers an end to end, secure, scalable collaboration solution.

Collaboration Device features

The device is an amalgamation of next generation hardware components comprising:

  • 3D enabled integrated short throw LED projector for bright and powerful projection
  • Quad-core 4X processor with 6GB RAM for high speed computing
  • 12MP rear camera and 5MP front camera with HD recording for outstanding video experience Concept Note 6
  • Integrated speakers and high-sensitivity microphone array for high quality audio
  • Multiple connectivity interfaces
    HDMI, USB, LAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4G LTE

SmartED Collaboration suite

The comprehensive learning suite enables collaborative learning from anywhere anytime. Complemented with powerful elements, SmartED collaboration suite brings students, teachers and outside experts together for richly collaborative and interactive educational experiences. Below mentioned are some of the amazing features of SmartED collaboration suite:

  • Participative multi-classroom teaching
  • Lecture recording and playback via VirtuCapture
  • Interactive VirtuBoard for collaborative learning
  • Screen, desktop and application sharing
  • Instant messaging for real-time communication
  • Share learning materials with participants through VirtuDrive

SmartED avenues

SmartED opens a plethora of avenues in education sector while redefining conventional classroom teaching and learning.

Creating a global learning village

Smart classrooms create a community of teachers and students who can come together to share knowledge, disseminate information and engage in discussions. This is very critical in cases where there is a rarity of accredited instructors for domain specific knowledge. A single instructor can now cater to multiple geographically and culturally separated classrooms thereby creating a global learning village.

Bridging the skill gap

Smart classrooms can play a significant role in skill development. The travel cost is cut down significantly along with other infrastructural costs. Pooling of training resources significantly enhances the scalability and sustainability of such endeavours.

Inclusive education for students in rural areas

Remote and rural areas are often side-lined due to the infrastructural and accessibility barriers. There is a huge migration towards cities in search of better avenues. There exists a similar situation in the education domain as well. There is very low teacher to pupil ratio in rural areas. Smart classrooms provide an opportunity for this rural brigade of students to come in to the mainstream and experience face to face learning with other folks. Our motto is to provide education to one and all across the globe anytime from anywhere.

Professional learning

There are specifically designed programs for distance education. These can be both short term and long-term programmes. This is useful when the learner does not want to be present in person at a specific physical location for learning. Smart classrooms can add elements of engagement and interactivity to such distance learning programmes.

Our Values

  • Easy to Use
    Integrated, Indigenous, Portable, and Smart Collaboration Solution
  • Affordable
    Flexible, cost-effective, and modular
  • Seamless
    End to end secure and scalable collaboration
  • Comprehensive -Complete Video Collaboration and Virtual Classroom solution

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