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Bangladesh Food Safety Authority whole-heartedly welcomes the all-out support of all food control agencies, food business operators and people of the country towards the landmark goal of establishing a Modern and Technological Food Safety System to contribute to the government’s Vision 2021. But production require land for cultivation. Almost 30% of the households do not own any land and another 30% own only up to half an acre. Such tiny landownership is insufficient to meet the food needs of four to five-member households.

We are proposing to establish a blocked Agri Value Chain starting from the very farmer which will also end with them. We will arrange a group of farmers along with their lands (owned/ leased) of total 50 acre (appx.), train them with proper education on GAP (Good Agricultural Practice), aware them about incorporating themselves into this initiative for good revenue generation, integrating uber-based transportation system (for local, inter-district) with them and finally aggregate, grade, pack and distribute the commodity to the consumers who will be already enrolled to our system to receive quality product as per their earlier demand they posted to our system. Each and every actor will be transacting through our ERP system powered by a secured and established digital money transaction system provided by our banking partner through their Agent Banking scheme to ensure transparent, proper and on-time payment to each of the beneficiaries. And the whole process (from farmers’ data collection to selling to consumers) will be maintained through an enterprise level ERP application software, accessible to all of the key-player with different access level so that we can control the activities centrally.

At some point the intermediary actor group will be offered a handsome amount as SME loan from Bank upon little amount of interest to flourish their business around our proposed initiative. Agro machinery loan could be another avenue to create entrepreneur among the existing/ future Agent Banking’s agents in the locality who can lend machinery to farmers and earn extra.

At the very first sale we are planning to give products at a bit lower price than market to our listed consumers to grab their interest and make them habituate to our service. We are proposing to fill up this gap through applying some subsidy from the project fund to make the farmers and our consumers both happy which will eventually make them our loyal inbound and outbound actors.



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