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THE PROBLEM: Following Paris Agreement and related institutionnal commitments to reduce global warming notably by decreasing C02 emissions, efforts still need to be done to deploy technologies able to tackle those environmental challenges. Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) technologies represent a high-potential climate mitigation solution to achieve reduction goals but the sector is facing two main constraints: on one hand, technology capable to produce quality activated carbon from a variety of biomass and waste resource is lacking, so the industry tend to turn to fossil based carbon. On the other hand, those technologies are associated with high upfront investment and highly variable operating costs and in most cases lead to a significant energy penalty.

OUR SOLUTION:The Solar Microwave Process (SMO®) is a waste processor, the size of a shipping container that uses solar power to turn carbonated waste (as diverse as household waste, plastics, bio-mass, paper, or wastewaters sewage sludges) into highly valuable outputs (carbon powder / activated carbon) and electricity. Our innovative CCU approach using 4 registered patents introduces a novel method for producing activated carbon and carbon powder with a high-added value from carbonated waste without CO2 production, but whit absorption of CO2. Following a 4 steps process (granulation, solar pyrolysis, gasification, creation of final outputs), SMO can recycle up to 50% of the total carbon of a waste in the renewable part of household. Our waste processor is being tested in the region of Marrakech since February 2014 and prove to be able to add value to 27 tons of household waste per day (2017 results).

OUR BUSINESS MODEL AND OPPORTUNITY:Our goal is to set up local electricity generation systems in developing countries, subsidized by the international sale of activated charbon and carbon powder. Indeed the funds from activated carbon sale will allow the intalation amortization while offering a low cost acess to electricity for the greatest number.(least than 0.88 $ / Kwh) in the the coming years, drinking water treatment need is expected to experience very strong growth notably as a result of legislation which will impose increasingly stringent standards on water quality. Our main clients targeted, for the activated carbon, are Municipalities and Suppliers who need activated carbon and carbon powder for production. Our ambition is to adress 1% of the demand market (estimated production of 16 000 tons of activated carbon per year). Following a 3-steps commercialization strategy (product recognition, deployment of a first sales force and maintaining order level European and international market opening) SMO will be implemented first in Guadeloupe (tropical region) then to southern part of world (notably South of France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, United Arab Emirate,).FINANCIAL PROJECTION: According to our first projections, the valorisation of waste and biomasses through the SMO technology allows us a  purchasing price. The produced activated carbon can be marketed between €500 and €1500 per ton (depending on the quality). With a daily production forecasted at 54 tons per day after one year of commercialisation, 330 days of production per year, this dimensioning allows us to aim for market penetration of 2.5%, which is less than the annual growth of the market (5%). The rated capacity of the unit will be 5 881 tons/year of activated carbon, to which is added 11 325 tons/year of compost, and 23 450 MWh/year of electricity.

WHO WE ARE:  NST aim,  proposea versatile solutions for CO2 sequestration, treatment and non-polluting (local) recovery of a wide variety of carbonaceous wastes.  This allows for a synergistic approach to CO2 sequestration, waste, generation and storage of energy and  and freshwater production.



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