Smog eliminator

About Solution

„Smog eliminator“ is a smart city system with a threefold effect of reducing SO2 emissions:

  • using clean energy to heat the living space through a thrifty eco boiler,
  • super fast charging of electric cars
    without compromising power systems,
  • possibility of recuperation of stored energy to the grid (from the electricity storage system for operation of the "Eco boiler")
    in case the grid is overloaded, some of the missing energy from the "Smog eliminator" of the system can be withdrawn. Practically, our system works as a "pacemaker" for power grids
    in case the system is unstable and overloaded, even a small amount of "backup" energy that can be pulled from the "Smog eliminator" of the system is sufficient to prevent network breakdown, and major failures (the amount of stored energy per charger is 3
    6 mW per day, which is sufficient to defend the settlement system of up to 50,000 inhabitants). Energy is stored for practical reasons
    as the load on the electrical system increases during the day, the charger only draws energy at a time when the grid is unloaded and the price of electricity is lower. This further reduces the consumption of electricity, as the consumers of the type
    boilers, heat storage stoves and heaters in several households are replaced by a "Smog eliminator system".

The resultant effect is the reduction of SO2 emissions from combustion when the living space is heated. Because Smog eliminator provides households with cheaper heating for clean energy than wood, the effect is a drastic reduction in SO2 emissions, as well as tree cutting, which is the 4th effect of improving air quality.

About the system

The system consists of two devices and an energy storage system
the first device is the Eco Boiler, an electric steam boiler whose innovative solution (which has been experimentally measured and proven) enables up to 60% energy savings while operating, and an additional system for storing electricity only draws energy at a time when the grids are unburdened (and at a cheaper rate), so that it does not burden either the budget of the user or the electricity grid. The second device to fill the Eco Boiler is a smart, ultra-fast charger for all types of batteries, the first of its kind in the world. It is a high-performance charger (compared to competing high-power chargers) which, with little power, recharges any type of batteries very quickly (at night fulfill boilers, by day, fulfill electric cars).



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