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We designed a course that stimulates the imagination in youth by teaching them the process of thinking but not what to do, letting them decide the way they want to use to achieve the solution.

In SNAI3I we don't teach the WHAT, we deliver the HOW and WHY providing youth with the mindset they need for a bright future... during the course, we will include many activities that boost their entrepreneurial spirit!

We aim to connect their network after they finish our course, and we will keep track of their development. The main goal of this is to guide them through the path to their dreams and to provide them with the knowledge they will need to penetrate the job market or the entrepreneurial field, depending on their vision.

in SNAI3I we use a storytelling method mixed with the design thinking process, We use VAKT modalities to include every kind of student, and we also employ the Universal Design for Learning as a way to make the most out of our course.

After they finish designing their solutions, they will be able to create the prototypes using 3D printers and CNC machines that we make in Algeria (Algerian made machines), then at the end, we teach them marketing and sales so that they will be able to promote their products online.

Selling their products will allow disadvantaged teenagers to get access to our course by providing scholarships... so this will be a great motivation for them and it will also teach them solidarity and civic engagement. 



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