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African food insecurity is largely driven by a huge amount of post-harvest loss of farm produce. Every year, millions of dollars’ worth of gross national products are lost through spoilage. Reasons include ignorance about the preservation of produce, inadequate transportation systems during the harvest season (mostly climate-related), and the low price the rural farmer receives for products during the harvest season and non-availability of affordable cold storage facilities. Between 30% and 50% of food (over 50% for tomatoes, fruits, and vegetables, etc) are lost after post-harvest in Africa (FAO, 2017). Over 70 million smallholders’ farmers in Nigeria loses 25% of their income annually due to post-harvest spoilage. Over 80% of all food produced in Africa for those in cities and rural areas are produced by small holder farmers (FAO,2013).To improve food security in African cities, there is a need to cut back on the current high rate of post-harvest losses. Our products solarfritz F and Eagle dryers are specifically designed to help cut back on post-harvest food losses, improve food security and end hunger.

Our Eagle dryer is an efficient solar dryer that uses natural convection indirect type solar dryer technology, the agro products are stored in the cabin or hot box units. A solar collector is used to absorb the incident solar radiation and heat the air which passes over the stored products. As the air is heated, its density gets reduced and it flows into the drying section naturally. Also, our solarfritz F is a smartphone-controlled, solar-powered automated cooling box without compressor for storing fresh fruits and vegetables over long periods of time without wastages after farm harvest and can be transported as an interlocking unit. SolarFritz significantly extends the shelf life of fresh produce by up to 21 days. To ensure consumers have access to plump, juicy and perfectly ripened products, a temperature control Fritz App allows farmers to remotely monitor and control temperature difference, while an integrated alarm system notifies the farmer when harvest produce is about to spoil either due to high-temperature buildup or nonfunctional system.

Cooling and drying have been an excellent way to preserve food and solar refrigerators and dryers are an appropriate food preservation technology for sustainable cities and the world. If our cooling and drying technology were widely implemented, significant savings to farmers would be achieved. These savings could help strengthen the economic situation of numerous food insecure communities (like North-Eastern Nigeria) as well as change the nutritional conditions in these same communities and the cities in which these communities supply foods and feed.



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