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The burning of fossil fuel to generate energy is a dirty and hazardous process. Green House Gas (GHG) emissions result when fossil fuels are produced and consumed and these emissions contribute to climate change. Nigeria as a country is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change because its economy is mainly dependent on income generated from the production, processing, export and/or consumption of fossil fuels and its associated with energy-intensive products. So as the fight against climate change accelerates there is a pertinent need to implement the use of renewable energy (clean energy) to eliminate the GHG emissions and also zero electricity bills. Please see my attached Business Plan for full details of the solution will address the challenge with the deployment of Renewable (Solar) energy. I'm committed to providing high quality, success and excellence in the solar energy industry due to the recent emphasis on climate change. The company is ready to meet the demand for alternative energy in its target market by providing local employment and power solution to these challenges in an integrated way that focuses on social, economic and environmental sustainability of solar power and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG. (GOALS 7 & 1)



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