Solar Heated Poultry House

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The cost of heating a poultry house is majorly increasing the cost of food production, farmers tend to use fuel and electrical heaters for the purpose of maintaining the appropriate temperature for the poultry house.

Solar heated poultry house is an innovative heating plan for the poultry where solar water heaters are used as an alternative green energy source, considering that the solar system can provide the required temperature.

What makes Solar Heated Poultry House different, is that it has
Longer life span, it is solar powered without any usage of batteries or scarce resources
Higher efficiency, considering the fact that the conducted product will depend on high end solar water heaters and a circulation for the hot water in the poultry house as needed
No need to use electricity except for cloudy days, where a small boost may be needed to obtain the required temperature
PRO-Shield which prevents the overheating of the solar water heater, thus reflecting higher reliability and lower required maintenance



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