Solar Heated Poultry House

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The cost of heating a poultry house is majorly increasing the cost of food production; farmers tend to use fuel and electrical heaters for the purpose of maintaining the appropriate temperature for the poultry house. Solar heated poultry house is an innovative heating plan for the poultry where solar water heaters are used as an alternative green energy source, considering that the solar system can provide the required temperature for the various poultry growth stages. This plan uses solar water heaters and equips them with an innovative product (PRO
Shield) which is mounted on any solar water heater to solve the worldwide problem of overheating it face. Furthermore, introducing PRO
Shield will ensure the solar water heaters efficiency, turning this plan to a long run plan with negligible maintenance and operation costs, transforming Lebanon into an industrial country with a leading innovative mentality and enhanced economic cycle through reducing the Lebanese poultry’s cost.

The application of the solar heaters in poultry houses has been debated in scientific research and applied in several university projects. Various successful stories on the application of solar heated poultry farms have been heard of. To mention one evidence is the solar heated poultry houses at Laurel, Delaware University in the United States. This application had solved many concerns on rising in the energy costs, growing concerns of a cleaner environment, rising consumer food costs, this application had solved these concerns. Adding to this, the payback time to this project is less than five years. However, one of the problems faced while applying this prototype is the need to change its batteries from time to time. Comparing it to our prototype (solar water heaters), there is no need to use batteries, it has a long life span, and it has a higher efficiency. Solar Heated Poultry House is thereby targeting the 9, 11, and 13 SDGs.



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