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3 billion people globally use biomass for cooking that burns inefficiently. It generates smoke and produce emissions that contribute to global warming – carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and soot. Inhaling the smoke leads to respiratory illnesses and death.

According to a report from FOSA, 69% of persons living in Urban areas in Ghana uses Charcoal. Averagely, the major source of Charcoal production is by use of wood from felling of Trees.

In rural Ghana, firewood is widely used due to invariably no cost associated with it. Firewood generates smokes and greatly a factor for deforestation.

Again, the labour of collecting firewood consumes hours, especially of women and children , which is dis-empowering, and an unproductive use of time.

It leaves no time for income-generating, or other alternative activities.

LPG which serves as alternative to firewood and charcoal is environmentally unfriendly, expensive and its production line has high carbon footprint.

Our idea is to freely install solar cells as well as induction stoves to households to help them switch from the use of unclean energy to a fast, clean and reliable energy. They will be required to purchase credit for a pre paid meter depending on the energy they would like to use.

Our team is gender balanced with individual having different cultural orientation.

This team consist of project expert, sales and communications experts as well as business expert.

We are not limited to only English language. Individuals in the team can express themselves in other languages such as Spanish, French and many local dialects.

Over the years, our team members have consistently demonstrated credibility in their various fields.

Our team has the needed competency to build a business that will reach million of consumers across Africa and the world.

We do not see dynamism as a threat but we see it as an effective tool to help the world unlearn and relearn.

[12/15/2019, 9:44 PM] Nathaniel Opoku: The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) says 5,531 fire outbreaks were recorded across the country, in 2018, compared with the 2017 total of 4,544 cases.

Amongst the major causes of outbreaks was LPG leakage.

The risk it poses to families, friends and the community is significant and cannot be overlooked.

People should not pay more for something that can easily kill them and the globe.



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