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Our Solution, the Solar Powered Internet Kiosk is an initiative aimed at addressing several challenges throughout the whole world especially, the several villages and rural communities that are either underdeveloped or under-served dotted in every country of the world. It brings together new technologies in the field of Sustainable Energy, Digital Divide and Digital Literacy and Rural Transformation. It features a built up kiosk that houses Eleven Twelve Industrial Panel PCs that are very energy efficient utilizing just about 30 watts to run.( a combination of both monitor and CPU.) Each kiosk features, ten Panel PCs, 1 Server, I ThroughWall Kiosk and will have up to 20 mobile phone charging outlets for rural communities that are excluded from the electricity grid.Our solution is designed to help bridge the digital divide amongst the worlds rural communities.

In Africa for Instance, more than 60 percent of the total population reside in the rural communities, it means the world is neglecting impacting rural communities such as have never had electricity or seen computers in their lives. This is primarily our target market and we have a pilot going on on the Solar Internet Kiosks in Nigeria, being funded by FireAfrica, an Afrinic Initiative just this year.

In Nigeria the problems of Sustainable Energy, Digital Divide and Digital Literacy, Rural Transformation and even hunger are at emergency and there are no plans to even consider changing the status quo. This is why we are concentrating our efforts on this disadvantaged populations in Nigeria. Our solution will help end information poverty in Africa and the rest of the world. Its a rural transformational campaign targeted at people at the base of the pyramid. Our efforts so far has gone to show how disfranchised a lot of people are even in the face of trillions of Naira spent every year by the governments. There are a lot human beings who have not used a computer before or used the internet even in this 2019. The successes recorded by Solar energy should not be celebrated until it becomes part of transformation instead of just being used for lighting and or house holds. Our target market in Nigeria is very huge and presents a viable option for investment. If we become successful in this making prosperity initiative it will give us the opportunity to go to scale as the award we got from FireAfrica is just for us to build a prototype which will be ready in May this year. Our idea is unique and is not being done by anybody yet. It came as a result of the problems and challenges some of us faced and how we were able to overcome it and turn it into a transformational solution for the poor and those living in the rural communities in

The Solar Powered Internet Kiosk programme has been designed to help bridge the digital divide and concetrates on connecting rural areas and informal settlements with high youth populations where a high percentage of the citizens lack access to ICT and Internet Infrastructures.

Our mission is to create wealth for Nigerians especially previously disadvataged communities in Nigeria through human capital development by maximising access to Information and Communication Technology.

Information poverty is a widespread social problem throughot developing Countries.Our Sun Powered Internet kiosk can provide the following development solutions from e-learning, e-commerce,e-health,e-government,skills training and employment opportunities. Most importantly it is a tool for socio-economic development at the small enterprise level. With the high youth population and unemployment, the best solution is to empower the young with digital skills that make money, Our solution for human empowerment is one of the few products on the market that is a win-win-win scenario for all the supply chain and a golden opportunity for Investors.

Our business ideais an initiative/intervention to help end information poverty through out rural Africa. We are going to provide our Internet Kiosks in rural Nigeria because the locals lack access to the Internet. The Solar Powered Interet Kiosks will provode both power and internet access and will boost the capacity of the locals to determine for themselves the type of life they want to live in the new digital economy.

The Solar Powered Internet kiosk is aimed at empowering Nigerians Youths through internet access in rural areas; even to those that have no access to from the main power grid. The kiosk is a completely self service/self contained solution for providing access to computers and the internet. It is a project that is working to bring the kiosks to rural people through out Nigeria.

We believe an award from the Initiative For Global Prosperity will create an opportnity for us together to achieve most of the Sustainable Development Goals.

We look forwrd to being given an opportunity to turn our idea into a big business.

God bless you all.



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