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In 2014, the mobile ecosystem contributed USD 8.3 billion in value add to the Nigerian economy. The National Bureau of Statistics Nigeria report that over 80% of Nigerians own a mobile phone.Mobile phones are a big part of the economy from mobile cash transactions of petty traders to mobile health care services in rural communities.Several mobile based innovative solutions have been developed but unfortunately according to the Minister of Power, Works and Housing over 90 million Nigerians lack access to electricity which continues to undermine the productivity and efficiency  of these solutions for the most vulnerable population that actually needs these

Uber is useless on a dead mobile phone so is Roshni ride or MagicBus or Verdant or Farmerline. Therefore our argument is simple, because mobile phones technologies are used in delivering key services (mhealth, AgriTech, mobile money transfer, EduTech etc.) to deprived and underserved communities, who most times lack electricity to charge their phones, we can transform the lives of these people by simply providing a sustainable off grid solution to keeping their phones more active for improved productivity and economic prosperity.

Here enters Solar Bank, solar powered off grid mobile electricity solution that can bring increased access to mobility, connectivity, health, food, education and water. Interconnecting the dynamics of franchising, renewable energy and sharing economy, our Solar Bank powered mobile phone charging centres and power bank rental service  solves this.

By providing increased access to electricity for charging mobile devices, we are on the way to unlocking increased economic prosperity for the most deprived regions that need it.



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