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SolarGridX innovative approach enables users to buy-sell digital ownership of solar panels by tokenizing solar panels which are tradeable on our peer-to-peer exchange platform. SolarGridX has solved two huge problems: High upfront cost for installation of solar panels and lack of easy ways for anyone in the world to own solar panels. Our aim is to turbocharge the adoption of solar energy. We decided to develop an investment gathering technology to fund solar panels around the world. This is done via Blockchain-powered tokens. The ownership of solar panels is tokenized on the basis of area,

1 Solar Cell = 1 SGX Token. Just like you buy shares of a company from a stock exchange, you buy tokens from our exchange platform which gives users virtual ownership of solar panels. By not physically owning solar panels and getting electricity benefits, we will be using their funding to install solar panels at zero-cost for consumer, electricity generated is sold to consumers and returns flow back to SGX holders, making it an attractive investment.

SolarGridX is first to market in enabling solar panels to be an exchange-traded commodity, making it an attractive & affordable investment. With our easy to use exchange platform, investors can buy-sell virtual ownership of solar panels starting at just 6$ with no lock-in of investment. We provide installation at zero-cost for homeowners or businesses who want to use solar energy. With Power Purchase agreements(PPA) electricity generated is sold at less price per kWh to consumers and returns generated flow back to SGX holders with an estimated 15% ROI p.a. SolarGridX's approach is investor and consumer-friendly, changing the dynamics of the solar industry.

We believe it will have a huge positive impact on the adoption of Solar: while any-level investor can own solar cells sitting on a couch and can earn in this low-interest-rate world, on the other hand, a whole residential complex will start utilising solar and consume cheaper and cleaner energy at zero installation cost.



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