Solid Waste Treatment in Musanze, Rwanda

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We are addressing the challenge of Climate Change by reducing the gases emission from waste which were in different dumpsites in Musanze District in Rwanda. Our project also helps to get green products such organic fertilizer. this fertilizer helps to restore the soil and to enrich it so that the population can plant well their crops. Our project promote the circular economy because we intend to have zero waste. We are producing green products from this waste and give jobs to young people and women so can meet different Sustainable Development Goals. Our organic fertilizer will help in restoring the soil which is degraded and this will combat climate change because the land will be covered by different plants which have good nutrients. Our works also have  decent jobs and this improve their life. In few words we are contributing to the well-being of the population of the City by accepting these waste and closing dumpsites which were causing pollution of the air and the underground water. We are helping the rural population by providing them this organic fertilizer which is helping to have more yield.



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