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Despite the modern research in agricultural practices the sector still consumes 70% of the global freshwater supply putting more strain on the diminishing water resources leading to water scarcity which in turn poses a problem of increasing global food insecurity. To solve this problem, we have developed “Solvify” a technologically enhanced cost-effective superabsorbent polymer which can absorb water up to 1000 times of its own weight. When mixed in soil just up to 10%, intelligent polymer releases water and macronutrients under the capillary action of plants and crops as per their requirement hence, cuts the requirement of fertilizer by 50% and that of water by 70%. Solvify is a superlative form of drip irrigation system as it does not require any IoT support and power like the conventional system. The phenomenon is governed by the concentration difference laws where the release of water is controlled by pore size and porosity structure.  It becomes part of the soil, makes it fertile, and undergo biodegradation within the record time of 1 year without formation of toxic species. Solvify has even shown high absorption capacity when the water is saline or hard and is highly optimized for absorbency under load (AUL). It has the ability to turn barren land into fertile and hence saving millions of lives globally by putting an end to water scarcity and food insecurity.

Solvify addresses the global water scarcity and the global food insecurity while at the same time driving down the costs of conventional farming to grow food, significantly by cutting down the water usage per hectare up to 70%, fertilizer requirement by 50% all the while increasing the crop yield by 20%. Simple and off-grid solution which doesn’t require any special equipment or power which in turn saves a lot of energy and capital that goes into operating the conventional farming tools such as irrigation pumps, drip system etc. Solvify is produced from the recycled polymers waste through a new and green process, if mass produced it can reduce millions of tons of waste that goes into our oceans.

The cost to produce 1 Kg of Solvify is currently $0.7 which if mass produced can be reduced to $0.37.

For B2C model we will utilize the strong, well established and independent fertilizer distribution networks in countries such India, Bangladesh and Pakistan and other global agricultural countries to generate revenue through sales.

In B2B we take on board with us microfinancing institutes to design interest-free micro-lending models to help and empower the underprivileged farmer families to start and become self-sufficient through the increased crop yield and profits that Solvify will bring in their farming business.



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