SpaceNet: Satellite Internet for the Developing World

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Astrome is a space technology company developing the Next Generation Internet.We have the goal of providing broadband internet to all developing countries using an army of 200 micro-satellites in low earth orbit. The satellites will be fitted with ourpatent-pendingtranspondertechnologythat increasesthe throughput of a satellite by 6 to 12 TIMESas compared to current state-of-the-art technologies. As a result, internet delivery through our satellites makes space based infrastructure6 to 12TIMES CHEAPERas compared to others.

Telecom companies can connect their tower infrastructure to our network and deliver 4G/5G connectivity to the remotest locations in the developing world.We can also provide Direct-to-Home internet where a user will need to just mount an antenna on their roof top connected to a small device (similar to a router) inside the premise. Using this, the users can access wired and wireless internet. Our constellation will cover South America, South Asia, South-east Asia, Africa, Australia, Middle East and parts of North America.

Access to broadband is a key enabler of economic growth and social inclusion. By improving connectivity a reliable broadband coverage has the potential to transform a country Itself. A World Bank study estimates that a 10% increase in broadband connectivity in a country can increase its GDP by 1.38%.



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