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People in rural areas do not have access to clean energy therefore they fall into the hands of harmful energy sources such as fossil eg kerosene , candle and petrol. this solutions leads to other problems like health issues for the users exposed to the gases they produce, climate change, house fires etc. this makes these solutions unsafe and unsustainable.In the world we have 1.2billlion people who do not have access to electricity , in Africa alone we have 635 million people affected by this problem , in countries like Nigeria half of the population doesn't have access to clean and affordable energy leaving us with a number of nearly 95.5 million people, even in developed regions like the MENA region people are also affected around 17 million people .Because of lack of electricity, livelihoods of people suffer. They undertake agriculture, small businesses and daily survival without the availability of modern-daytechnology. “As the night falls, our lives depend on the fire. children struggle to study under the lamps,” while listing the various problems that plague the dark villages.this reveals that many children, unable to study under oil lamps have dropped out of school due to development of health issues caused by the fume from the oil and kerosene lamps.



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