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Our platform is human centered and allows refugees to access their basic needs and get a temporary ID as soon as they reach the welcoming country. We use artificial intelligence for decision making to be easy and effective.

Since our platform is human centered, we are able to deploy a full array of services around al the needs of the refugees. Hence the refugees can have their IDs, find the nearest food point and shelter and are able to adress requests or let the community know about their challenges.

This platform allows refugees and the entire community to communicate and collaborate in a peaceful way. It also allows governmental entities to get some time to prepare the paperwork thanks to the temporary Residency virtual card. It is a solution which allows the governement to localize and have a solid headcount of how many refugees are really living on the territory. Artificial intelligence will help in a few aspects which makes the solution very useful :

  • Help the refugee to decide on where to go, have food and medical assistance.
  • Make the partners participate in the financial sustainability understand better the customers and incentivize accordingly through their behavioral patterns
  • Use a service based tokenized system to make transactions easier and flawless
  • Have community actions rewarded with token points which allow to avail UsefulGifts and services
  • We have set an entire network of local business partners in 3 countries and we are having the headquarters in UAE and all transactions paid through locally owned businesses to increase In Country Value.
  • The platform allows the refugees and community members to earn points on all customer aspects : social média post, business development, feedback, giving rates to people they meet, raring the services, sharing information, attending events.
  • The platform is grown by communities, it’s is white labeled and can be deployed anywhere in the world
  • How it works: refugee checks in to mention they are on the ground, they use mesh mobile (data sharing) then they can see with geolocalization where the points for their basic needs are (food shelter medical)
  • we have community events to foster peace and tolerance and we will launch the tolerance app in the near future which makes people more tolerant through neuroscience mechanism



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