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Speedpeak is to solve logistics and delivery barrier in business operation. Our survey shows that most small and medium business owners find it difficult to reach and deliver their products to their customers outside their regions therefore, we are bringing in Speedpeak to solve this problem,and lessen their worries thereby making them increase their sales which would also contribute to the economic growth of the community.

Exchanging of packages/goods is a paramount activity across the world including Nigeria. We would also be at service of individuals who are willing to send packages off state or intra state. Our service would be inter states and intra-state and we would extend to off shore in the coming future.

We would also be hiring representatives to represent us in our projected various regions which would open employment opportunity. We would also hire top senior manager and management staffs who would be seeing into the affairs of the firm.This is also employment opportunity to high skilled individuals who qualified for our requirements.



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