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There will be 2.5 billion more people living on Earth by 2050, dramatically pushing the need for agriculture to both increase food production and at the same time reduce resource-consumption in order to ensure a sustainable future for humanity.

Greenhouse-based horticulturecould highly contribute to this goal, thanks to its unparalleled benefits in terms of reduced use of water and higher quality and quantity of product with respect to traditional agriculture. Nonetheless, greenhouse facilities need both a huge amount of electricity and gas to be operated.

Despite the increasing demand for intensive food production technologies, the full deployment of the greenhouse model is currently hindered in the sun-belt regions (Asia, Africa and Middle East), where approximately 90% of the world population growth will be concentrated, by poor infrastructures, e.g. absent/unreliable electricity grids and gas network.

In order to bridge this gap, at SOLHO we have developed an innovative and fully off-grid energy system called SPRHOUT, that uses solar energy to fulfil the energy needs of a greenhouse facility, boosting the transitions towards sustainable food provision.



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