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SPUR is an acronym for Safe, Pure and Responsible. We provide safe purified drinking water while simultaneously reducing pollution, and contributing to climate adaptation and mitigation. Our main goal is to reduce and eliminate the consumption and waste of single-use plastics, specifically PET. We will do this by packaging our water in Reusable Glass Bottles of 500ml. These bottles can be refilled and reused up to 30 times before recycling (Yani et al, 2014). In 2017, Kenya consumed approximately 500,000 tonnes of plastic products (Kenya Plastic Packaging Report by Tim Elliot et al, 2018) and less than 10% of this plastic was recycled. Also, plastic can only be recycled 1-2 times before it has to be downcycled whereas glass can be recycled endlessly without degrading in quality (Recycle Nation, 2017). For every 1000 glass bottles we use, we will eliminate 18 tonnes of plastic waste from polluting the environment annually. By using glass and recycling it, we will create exponential measurable impact and eliminate plastic waste from the eco-system. The technology needed is locally available and has been used extensively in the packaging of beverages. SPUR water will employ a circular economy approach, our clients will exchange empty bottles with newly refilled bottles at the point of delivery. Our customers will be incentivized to return the bottles for reuse and recycling by charging a deposit fee for the bottle which will be reimbursed upon return. SPUR’s target market is restaurants, hotels, and distributors within the hospitality industry. This will ease the collection of used bottles by using our clients as aggregators. We will employ a quality assurance process to ensure that the finished products meet the highest standards of quality. Damaged bottles and used bottle caps will also be collected and dispatched for recycling. SPUR water aims to produce its own glass bottles, using recycled bottles and auto glass which is currently being disposed of in landfills. This is largely due to a lack of auto glass recycling facilities in Kenya despite the capability to recycle auto glass in developed countries. SPUR water is scalable, with market size of over $120 million, we have the potential to venture into the retail market, increase production and manufacture glass bottles, recycling a proportion of the estimated 80,000 tonnes of glass waste generated in Kenya annually. SPUR water is youth-led and will employ youth and women. 10% of profits will be channelled towards climate change advocacy aimed at manufacturers of fast-moving consumer goods to create a mind-shift towards circular economy business models for sustainable use of resources.



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