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The electrical power system is responsible for 25% of the total carbon emissions and therefore needs to increasingly utilize low-carbon technology. Battery storage is seen as a key-component for the transformation of the electrical power system, as it can provide flexibility to stabilize the grid and better integrate the renewable energy generation. It has, however, not been widely integrated into the electricity grid because of economic reasons.The need for batteries will, however, increase in the future with the rising amount of renewable and fluctuating power generation.

Second life concepts, that is using old traction batteries for less demanding stationary applications, are designed to solve the economic issues and allow for a sustainable use of the resources. Instead of removing the batteries, their life is prolonged in a second life use-case.

These concepts, however, require a deep analysis of the used batteries, as the electrochemical degradation determines the performance and the safety character of batteries. The analysis and matching of parameters with suitable parameters impairs the economic advantage and eliminates the feasibility of second life concepts.

STABL.Energy develops a new battery inverter that does not require a careful selection of matching batteries. It is flexible and can use verying batteries instead. This significantly improves the benefits of the second life idea and turns it into a feasible concept.

The inverter, developed by STABL, also significantly improves the fundamental design of battery systems. Its technology avoids the use of hazardous high battery voltage, is fail-operational, reduces the energy losses by 70%, and reduces the system's size and weight. This way not only second life batteries, but all battery storage systems are improved and feature better economic performance.

We believe that the use of more affordable second life batteries, combined with an improvement of the performance of all battery systems is an important requirement to further catalyze the price decline of stationary battery storage and accelerate the installation and utilization of low-carbon electricity generation.

The STABL inverter is also a game-changer for the automotive sector, which is responsible for another 15% of the greenhouse gas emissions. The inverter offers the benefits of an easily maintainable low-voltage battery, is fail-operational, and increases the driving range by its superior energy efficiency.

STABL.Energy therefore tackles the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by making stationary battery storage more affordable and rendering electric mobility more attractive.



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