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Start Right Nutrition Limited is an organization registered with the mission to assist caregivers especially mothers to achieve a sustainable way of feeding their children with World Standard Healthy Nutrition.

At Start Right the problem we have identified impeding the achievement of Healthy and sustainable feeding for all especially children in Ghana and Africa is that most African mothers are not able to come up with a comprehensive plan as to What,When and How to introduce Healthy complementary foods to their children from the ages of 6month.

Most mothers are also unable to add a lot of value to available local food ingredients to feed themselves and their families. As a result of this the menace of malnutrition is still a pandemic on the African continent.

We at Start Right Nutrition Limited has identified that the best way to reduce the rate of malnutrition in Ghana and Africa is to adopt an All inclusive approach by using methods of practicalization and illustration to give a vivid picture to what it means to say one is eating healthy and balanced foods.

We have structured our activities in such a way by:

  • Engaging in community advocacy programs where we practicalize healthy food recipes for children from the ages of 6months to 5 years. As a result of these activities we have been able to come up with over 1000 homemade recipes for children .We also launched the 1st infant and Toddler recipe Book for African children titled" Start Right"which gives mothers a step by step approach to successful weaning.
  • We also produce preservation free Local Baby food cereals which are food and Drugs board approved and they are designed to assist children from the ages of 6 months and above to meet a daily portion of their protein and iron needs. These food products are in 6 regions in Ghana and in 33 avenues .
  • We also leverage on social media and other key platforms to provide baby nutrition education for mothers by using round the clock methods on these platforms. Currently we have over 50,000 women on our social media platforms such as facebook, instagram and WhatsApp.
  • We also engage in donation activities to hospitals ,less privileged women and children by providing them with key equipment, recipe books, baby clothes and shoes all in the bid to promote maternal health and healthy child nutrition in our communities.

We believe children and women form a formidable part of every population



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