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The system of awarding bonuses to bona fide members of the network.


The network company incurs financial losses if the users do not comply with the network mode (equipment depreciation, overload and underload of network sections)

There are many avriy, the cause of which is unfair attitude to electrical systems. Due to the lack of interest, it takes care of the state of its own lines.

Resource of a single switchgear cell costing 2–3 million rubles - 3,000 operations

Overloading and underloading of network sections do not allow efficient use of multi-level network infrastructure.


We encourage network participants to comply with the network mode by introducing bonuses for bona fide users.

Penalty for exceeding or decreasing the established indicators, as well as for emergency shutdown of the network.

Depreciation costs for failure to comply with the network mode will mainly be borne by violators.

There is an interest of consumers to maintain the good condition of their own lines.

Technical implementation:

The system based on blockchain technology and sensor allows you to automate the metering of electricity consumption and reward bona fide members of the network.

Fastening the metering sensor at the consumer and metering the resources consumed with sending to the blockchain.

Setting the lower and upper limit of electricity consumption for planning in advance.

Rewarding for the faithful execution of the established regime.

Penalty for emergency shutdown due to the owner of the company.


At the moment, a prototype of the sensor is implemented that measures electrical energy and transmits readings to the network.

Implemented a smart contract to account for all indicators and the calculation of fines to network participants.

For the prototype, the Ethereum system was used as the most complete system for creating smart contracts.

Why blockchain?

A private blockchain will allow independent several verifiers (state bodies and electric companies) to come to a consensus and make the recorded history unchanged and open for review by the appointed auditors.

The smart contract will allow you to automatically calculate bonuses and penalties and distribute among the participants, according to the algorithms discussed in advance

The IoT sensor automatically sends reliable information to the blockchain and is a reliable oracle. Provides protection against hacking and transferring false information



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