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With half of the world population live offline, we are facing a growing divide in terms of digital literacy. The longer they stay offline, the further they are away from the progress of the modern world, which leads them slimmer chances to catch up with the rest of the world. Technologies like WiFi and 3G/4G networks have been so common in so many places in the world, but the high infrastructure and operational cost has limited the potential to uplift rural population’s livelihood.

To address this urgent of digital divide in a sustainable and reliable way, we, Enerlifi, are here to create an affordable and accessible opportunity for all those underserved communities to access internet connection and other digital technologies through a ready-to-deploy product, LiFi. We also understand that for the communities which don’t have the internet access, they often have issues to access the reliable electricity sources. Therefore, we come out with a comprehensive and cutting-edge solution to bring not only internet connection but also reliable source of electricity through solar microgrids to the rural population. Other than the infrastructure deployments, we also provide an embedded software solution to enable monitoring and evaluation of whole system performance and a seamless payment solution to buy the services on-demand using SMS.

Both LiFi and solar microgrids solution do not require sophisticated setup and can share the solar panels for the purposes of both electricity generating and signal transmission. Therefore, the cost of the project is much cost-effective as compared to any existing solutions. Based on our current capacities, our Enerlifi project can provide electricity and internet services for up to 500 households in any rural communities. Through our setup, we can definitely provide sustainable digital infrastructure in the rural communities and also increase the speed of connectivity in remote areas. The internet services provided through our patented LiFi technology is reliable, sustainable and fast, which can empower the villagers to have the chance to study and be able to learn the outside world. We can also partner with some educational agencies to provide free or subsidised online trainings to teach the locals, especially girls and women, to learn how they can navigate on the internet, learn protect their own rights and improve their household, such as finding the right crops to plant or create handmade products which are in demand of the outside world. We can also help the shops and businesses to find out more sources of the suppliers to find the best deal for their business.The electricity generated from our microgrid helps to light up the household and streets in the village, which ensures safety for women and children. Our project emphases on local community engagement, which encourage the locals to take charge of the installation and maintenance of the infrastructure. We will provide free training to the locals to oversee the daily operation of the LiFi and solar microgrid system. Together, we can make our society more inclusive by empowering the rural population with the access to internet powered by solar microgrids.



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