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Every day 24,000 people die of hunger ! This is terrible! The problem of hunger and the lack of drinking water in the world can be solved at the expense of rational use of resources! This program can do this, because it will unite thousands of funds, factories, millions of people! All World! We will create WFS - World Food Syndicate, will operate in all member states of the United Nations and with headquarters in Europe! Representative offices will work at all hot spots that will suffer from hunger and drought ! The syndicate will be united by global FMCG international companies and world-wide supermarket chains! Every day they throw away tons of products that are prolonged or deformed ?! Mechanics: All products with a term of 5-7 days, are quickly going to the RC (distribution centers, and according to applications member of the parner, evenly spread throughout the country in shelters for: socially independent, disabled, infected, and homeless animals! Much of the Products under the control of WFS / UN and NATO support are delivered by military aircraft at hot spots where conflicts persist! For this purpose, international protocols and agreements on free airspace for the delivery of such goods and free poses must be signed. Similar servicing at customs! Financing: through donations and contributions from WFS Member States, as well as FMCG companies' contributions in return for solving the issue of recycling and reducing one type of tax! What will this give? Thus, five global problems are solved immediately: 1-ecology of landfills, where rotting, every day thousands of tons of products infect everything around a radius of 10 km! Birds and rodents strip off infections to neighboring places and settlements! Consequence of the new epidemic! 2. The issue of hunger and mourning among people! Reducing malnutrition and mortality! 3-create thousands of new jobs all over the world! After all, volunteers can not close all WFS needs. 4-preservation of thousands of rare species of animals that died from horror and famine in Savannah and Africa! At a time when someone quietly leaves open cranes and throws out tones of fооd! 5. Enhanced cross-border cooperation without borders, which will help companies to develop world-class sustainable development programs within the UN 2030 program in a qualitative and even way! Solving problems of utilization of products! All rights are copyrighted by TiiOlga® Used photo materials, do not infringe copyrights, but are presented as visual perception of information.



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