Sudanese Peace Building Project (SPBP)

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A solution of coming together can be achieve through peace as well aspeace building becomes a mechanism of change within that society which focuses on preventing future violence and conflicts.The context of this dispute of three tribes in Jonglei state is important to understand and need to be manages by providing tangible resources to creates different environment to people of Jonglei State.The project objective is to transform and bringing permanent peace among tribal conflict communities in Jongulei State by creating multicultural modern town in middle of these three tribes of Dinka, Nuer, and Murlei that will prevent criminals crossing and hiring their members that will act as police unit under the leadership coalition of these tribes. Government will be encourages to hires members of these tribal to patrol the area, that would avoid the issues of tribal conflicts and children abductionby criminals who come from within these three communities.

Another solution is to building school and providing primary education to children who live in that modern town where the education changes their thoughts and givesnew way of thinking of reconciliation and give them idea of staying together as South Sudanese

The overall goal of the Dr. John Garang Green City Foundation is to transform the lives of thepeople ofSudan through Human Security Development Model as envisaged by the United Nations Development Programmed of 1994. Consequently, the Project Leader and the National Advisory Committee must ensure that results are seen by all Stakeholders as soon is practically possible. For example, in the area of peace building and reconciliation, it is envisaged that the selection of key people to be trained have to be identified, trained and the fruit of their work is to be felt in the communities as people begin to trust and work with one another in the spirit of brotherhood. Another example is in the area of health. It is expected that at least three hundred to one thousand children will be immunized in the Jonglei and Upper Nile States within the first year of the Project Start Up.



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