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The war and Climate change affect farmers across the countries of Africa. Most people are not farming due to wars and climate variability. The wars displaced a lot of people in their respectful places. While the climate change causes flooding which have had negative socio-economic impacts on dwelling population. Climate change is likely to increases foods insecurity; shifts in the spread of soil erosion and land degradation; flood damage to infrastructure and settlements and shifts in the productivity of agricultural and natural resources.

According to UNICEF (2018:1) estimates 7.1 million people (63% of the population)is classified as food insecure which is not good. Food security situation varies from region to region. Most of Southern and Northern Regions are generally food insecurein South Sudan, and Sudan. The absence of humanitarian assistance, acute foods insecurity outcomes. For those facing foods scarcity, 155,000 are estimated to be in catastrophe and 2.3 million in emergency (UNICEF, 2018). In seven out of the country’s ten states, more than 15% of people are malnourished.

Sudd TradeforDr. John Garang Green City Foundation was designed to connecting local affect villages across the East, South and North Africa to gain higher foods security and build local skills and economic opportunities in the areas of food items, none food items, gas, and electronics through our smart modern technology website.Sudd Trade will address food security by focusing it interventions on foods availability and secured foods packages delivering. Increasing foods will be supports by providing skills, seeds and modern farming tools to helps target households in crop productions.Sudd Trade goals is to eliminate poverty and empowering women farmers to participate in trades development activities so that they could be able to helps themselves with their families and not relying on United Nations.

Sudd Trade’s team front lines managers and agents will provide cultivate tools, rental, different type of seeds to nine thousand women and vulnerable men smallholder farmers to grow their crops and after the harvesting, they channel them to local markets to through our smart and innovative Website.



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