Suntrolley - Portable Solar Water Pump

About Solution

The Suntrolley is a portable solar powered water pumping system.

It is versatile, easy to use, robust and most importantly proof of concept has been done.

This design has won a Greenpeace challenge in 2013.

Since then we have worked on improving its performance and application to a wider range of rural areas.

Suntrolley can help increase small and marginal farmer income in the following ways.

  • Triple the farm produce. In regions where farmers can grow only one crop during the monsoons.
  • Stop burning cash on expensive fossil fuels (diesel, petrol, kerosene) for pumping water.
  • Save on maintenance expenses, break downs or rentals for these fossil fuel powered pumps.
  • In regions with unreliable electricity supply. The Suntrolley will prove to be a reliable partner.
  • The Suntrolley can be shared or rented there by requiring less investment and or increase income if rented out.

Designed and developed for small and marginal farmers, is versatile, adaptable and more importantly truly green.



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