Super Reducer for Cost of Electricity

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The challenge is addressed by exploiting as little electricity as possible from solar panels in order to be a source of nourishment for the machine that I created, 

where the electric current fed of that machine is moving and running parts  this machine starting from the motor and then the mechanical part of the machine 

Then the dynamo that produces or generates electricity in larger quantities within the framework of a new system called re-generation of electricity   

It is clear from the above that a very low-cost source of electricity  can be provided for poor or remote areas

Through the idea of the machine that I invented

Where the source of electricity is used either from solar panels or even from a source connected to the general grid of electricity (relatively high cost)

Where the minimum amount of electricity is consumed to operate the innovative machine to produce the necessary amount of electricity necessary for all household uses according to the design

Thus saving a lot of expenses as a result of using that idea and  this technology

This technique can be produced at an appropriate size, roughly equal to the size of the household generator

And prices will be available to all poor and middle classes, especially with the design of the appropriate depending on the amount of consumption

Also, its manufacturing processes will not require large investments, but will be suitable investments especially for junior entrepreneurs

I am fully prepared to provide you with all the detailed drawings and explanatory explanations of the idea in case you agree with them



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