Super Gro

About Solution

I want to publish the solution to all farmers around the world, especially in the Third World. Indeed, Super Gro is:

  • versatile
  • economic: concentrated formula * dilution of 1 volume in 1000 volumes
  • no danger, easy to use and to handle:
  • non-toxic, no caustic, no flammable
  • multipurpose: for indoor plants and agricultural applications.
  • demonstrated effectiveness

# 2740-250ml

# 2741
5 Liters

Make the water more fluid!

Super Gro allows optimal use of water by reducing its surface tension, making it "more fluid", which ensures:

  • its optimal penetration in the soil
  • reduction of runoff and evaporation of water.

The roots of the plant are better irrigated and the water stays there. This optimizes plant growth in a short time.

Improved performance demonstrated

  • improves the performance of agricultural aids such as pesticides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers
  • improves crop yield up to 167%
  • Super Gro improves the performance of most agricultural treatments by helping them to penetrate deeper, adhere better to plants, last longer and work more efficiently.

Results tests proves at the University of Nairobi, Kenyaare :

  • reduction of pests and diseases of black roses
  • Red mite infestation of roses decreased by 43% when Super Gro was associated with plant treatment
  • the early blight of the tomato decreased by 46%, a result 53% higher than that of the fungicide alone
  • infestations of whiteflies and tomato aphids were reduced by 63% and 94%, respectively, when Super Gro was associated with the market leader in pesticides
  • the angular leaf spot of green beans decreased by 40% when Super Gro was associated with a fungicide.

Of all the above, Super Gro is a true product for crop profitability, environmental protection and job creation for those who market it. It promotes enough turnover for independent distributors.



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