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SURUWAT “Smart Urban and Rural Waste Treatment” is a pioneer initiative on sustainable waste management for the densely populated, compact cities and growing urban areas. Our application solves the severe problem of highly populated cities for waste management by collecting waste and fertilizer in real time. Only the real-time collection of the waste is not the sustainable management. It must be done via the most optimized way otherwise It will be more iterative and It becomes inefficient. SURUWAT made it easier by the use of latest technology adding the economic values to the unwanted waste. The main benefits for the user are the proper, timely and organized waste settlement with the earning from the by-products obtained from the unused waste. We are very conscious about consumer behaviour. The consumer we targeted more from Residence and enterprise inside highly urban areas. By the use of a mobile application, an anaerobic digester, efficient waste collection, GPS tracking, Online payment, Various Internet Of Things applications, utilization of unwanted waste is made possible by which people in urban areas are able to settle the household waste.


We have three Smart bins for organic, inorganic waste and fertilizer, individually a smart IOT is implemented over the system. People in the highly urban area use anaerobic digester for the settlement of waste. Liquid fertilizer is generated from anaerobic digester like HomeBiogas. When the collection of waste/fertilizer is above the pre-set limit (notify first time if level cross 75 per cent of the smart bin), the signal will be passed to the server to the waste collector and consumer via a mobile application. Collector waits for second notification (notify after crossing 90 per cent level) if only one Smart bin sends a notification from this area. Collector sends out the vehicle to the consumer after receiving second notification as per type of waste. Waste and fertilizer collector (Private sector/ Metropolitan) move to the consumer via an optimized route as suggested by a mobile application. Collector (driver of a vehicle) is able to plot/see the level of waste filling in the map set in mobile application of the households/ Consumer that are nearby the optimized routes and they already send the first notification. The collector collects all the waste from that bins and saves the details (the type of waste, percentage filled) in the mobile application. Collector sends money to respective smart bin owner via Online payment as per the amount of waste and type of waste (Organic, Inorganic and Liquid Fertilizer).

From the liquid fertilizer one of the by-product of an anaerobic digester, Household is able to either grow vegetables in rooftop or to sell fertilizer to the collector & agro farms. Organic waste is used to feed Biogas Plant and composting, ultimately to agro farms.  Inorganic waste can be recycled to make plastic rods and bricks. After collection of waste, various enterprise/entrepreneurs can use waste for their business purpose.

Proper waste management and recycling can save the environment, landfill sites, government manpower in large amount and budget. Until and unless we invest in a sustainable option, the problem of urban areas never being solved.


Though the idea is collaborative, we are responsible for "Real-time collection of waste using mobile application". Our mobile app does the duty to:

1.  Notify the level of waste in a bin as per the preset level.

2.  Find the most optimized route to the filled smart bin via GIS Mapping and GPS tracking.

3.  Show the level of waste in a bin of nearby houses in the waste collection vehicle route.

4.  Online payment.

Our idea has optimizations on a preset level, vehicle collects the waste thru the nearest path and driver of the vehicle is able to see the waste level in a smart bin of nearby houses on the route. These optimizations make our idea most sustainable.


The technology used in this model is GIS Mapping, smart bucket, GPS tracking, mobile application, IOT applications, Online Payment and various waste to energy Technology.



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