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SuSea has developed innovative preservation technologies for food with an aim to provide healthy and sustainable food products, improve food safety and reduce waste by increasing shelf life.

Our initial market focus is on seafood. This is because in terms of food safety, seafood is the single food category responsible for the most foodborne outbreaks in the EU (EFSA) and the USA (CDC). Furthermore, if a single outbreak escalates to a recall this can exceed $10mil in costs.

In terms of sustainability, aquaculture grown seafood has numerous advantages. It converts almost 100% of the calories from the seafood feed into seafood meal calories, so there is minimal waste. It is a sustainable way to increase our food supply which needs to be increased by 70% by 2050 (compared to 2009) due to the global population growth (FAO). Finally, aquaculture is rapidly growing globally. For example, the Gulf Cooperation Council region will be increasing its production by an average of 7,14% annually until 2024. We need to ensure that this seafood is produced and consumed sustainably, efficiently and safely.

In terms of food waste every year 35% of the annual global fish production is lost (FAO). This results in approximately 60 million tons of wasted food. This waste occurs during transportation as well as consumption. A mere increase of one day in the shelf life of seafood can reduce food waste by up to 5%. SuSea increases shelf life up to 7 days (tested for sea bass and sea bream).

Our solution to all these problems (safety, sustainability, waste) is the SuSea seafood process. We treat seafood with a liquid solution containing natural ingredients which partially dehydrates (by 3%) seafood and thus extends its shelf life. Our natural method also reduces harmful pathogens such as listeria in case contamination has already occurred. The method is very cost-efficient, quick and requires very basic equipment. Finally, it does not affect taste or odor and is applicable to many different types of products (seafood, vegetables, meats, etc.).

Our patent pending technology has been developed by world experts during the past decade and has been deployed by leading aquacultures such as Nireus Aquaculture. Our company has already raised $200k in funding and generated first revenue. We are asking for the MBR Initiative’s support to maximize our impact.



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