Sustainable Agriculture for Improved Food Security

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The project shall focus on sustainable agriculture through organic methods and formulation of small community farming groups that shall be trained in sustainable organic farming, village banking, financial management, marketing, value chain addition methods and management of their groups to continuous and sustainable growth. Various vegetables and crops shall be targeted, and some of these are carrots, butternuts, spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, onions, pepper, green beans, and rape. Each of the farming groups shall be encouraged after training to select a minimum of three of the targeted vegetables/ crops to encourage crop diversification for assured market, and also for crop soil management (e.g. through crop rotation). The project shall help these groups acquire land through local leadership for sustainability and growth of their businesses.

Goal: improved Livelihoods and food security among farming households and small scale farmers through Sustainable Agriculture

Project Objectives

  • Established and / or improved Community Farming Groups.
  • Community Farming Groups have improved access to water, markets, resources (e.g. financial), land, and social/health services.
  • Community Farming Groups have increase in profits through value chain development
  • Community awareness raised and advocating for sustainable farming methods, reforestation (e.g. through tree planting) and usage of clean energy for heating and cooking

Poverty and food insecurity is closely connected to poor agriculture methods, dilapidated natural resource base, livestock diseases, droughts, floods and poor extension services.The deforestation rate in the province is very high due to cutting down of trees for sale, provision of energy for heating and cooking. This has really affected the rainfall pattern in the province.



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