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The major challenge confronting the word today is food insecurity and food insufficiency which has caused malnutrition, especially which among the children in Africa and other developing countries of the word, the question on the lip of everyone is how do we feed the teeming population?

Food production has never been a difficult task among the people especially in the rural communities, but the mode and quantum of processed agricultural produce is the challenge.  Recycling cassava processing pilot technology is aim of proving sustainable integrated service through the production of ‘Garri’ on large scale using modern technology and locally fabricated machinery and technical know-how. The local content of the technology is also 100% with the machines used being invented and fabricated by home-grown agricultural engineers and technologists.

Also the machinery are powered by biogas including power generated from cassavas peel to operate hence there is constant power supply to operate the machines. Garri, being the stable food of many people across Africa, is a rich source of carbohydrate which supplies the dietary energy /calorie requirement of the body. When fried with palm oil, it supplies retinol which aids vision and prevent night blindness.  



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