Sustainable Livelihood Advancement Program

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The Sustainable Livelihood Advancement Program (SLAP)tripartite model addresses sustainable livelihood through advancing:Education(ICT & Business Management integration);Linkages(Trade & Logistics); andFinancial Empowerment(Long-term savings model targeted at retirement sustenance).

The SLAP Model combines ICT & business management training with financially-inclusive platforms for trading and long-term savings, which provides a novel, innovative and interactive platform for rural enterprises to improve their business management skills, enhance trading opportunities and then encourages them to contribute under tailored beneficial schemes towards their retirement to ensure a long-term and sustainable poverty eradication system.

The SLAP model is expected to bring about rural economic transformations whereby the rural population can derive prosperity, inclusive financial benefits and sustainable poverty eradication. The core objective is to enhance income, food security and job creation for rural youths and women.

The challenge for Innovation for Inclusive Trade is addressed through the SLAP model inputs of increased trading and logistics services, replication of skills transfer programs, networking and direct linkages to industries and end users, and consequent creation of jobs. Rural youths and women face alternative employment opportunities and strong data governance which increases access to financial institutions, improves rural financial inclusion and gender inclusion.



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