Sustainable Sanitation saves water, energy, environment!

About Solution

ECOLOO provides sustainable sanitation solutions, a totally enclosed system (preventing pollution and contamination), waterless (preventing sewage generation and environmental contamination) (SDG#6: Clean Water & Sanitation).

ECOLOO’s tagline
eliminates poverty through sustainable toilets – describes our commitment to achieve the related SDGs through our sustainable solutions that lead to huge social, health, economic and environmental impact.

ECOLOO adopts inclusive business model that is a commercially viable solution to expand the access to goods, services and livelihood opportunities for low-income people and to tap into the potential of the base of the economic pyramid by including them into our value chain as our employees, raw material suppliers, distributors, retailers or customers.

Our revenue model where we engage local low income social entrepreneurs especially women and single mothers to deliver our solution to local BoPs benefits especially the underprivileged communities by giving them the opportunity to invest in our toilet through their own capital or microfinance, distribute, trainers, and they may rent the toilets to the public or areas where it is much needed as they maintain it, earn passive income and get their ROI within 2-3 years.



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