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We are proposing the 3 complimentary Innovations to be housed in one warehouse:

Fruit Concentrate Production Line: With Nigerians spending over 1 Billion Dollars on importation of fruit concentrates, with loss of 60%
70% of farm produce due to lack of processing facilities, and with Teragro Commodities LTD, being the sole fruit concentrate processing facility in Nigeria, this industry has a huge potential. To buttress the huge potentials available in concentrate industry, Teragro started with 5ton/hr. facility three years ago, but the company has recently upgraded to 25ton/hr. A dent is yet to be made in the industry. The proposed Plant will produce highest standards of quality fruit juice concentrates; provide a cost-effective alternative for Nigerian fruit juice producers, as well as, create productive uses for fruits and foods that would otherwise be wasted. The proposed plant is designed to process oranges, mangoes, bananas, and pineapples and has the capacity to process five (5) metric tons of raw material (fruits) per hour. The primary consideration is to ensure quality at prices below the cost of imported concentrate, which can be achieved by engaging smallholders into the value chain as suppliers of fresh fruit. Steady supply is assured from identified smallholder farmers in Nigeria. These farmers will no longer suffer post-harvest losses on a significant scale given the projected secured demand for fruit expected to be generated by a plant nearby. In addition, the Plant will create a strategic relationship with San Carlos Farms located in Enugu. San Carlos Mexico Group is not only the biggest exporter and distributor of Mexican Bananas in the United States, it has also developed and harvested Over 300-400 hectares of high-grade pineapples in Enugu, with a capacity to develop additional 2000 hectares. In addition, San Carlos is finalizing plans to set up 3,000 hectares of banana Plantation in Cross River State (190 Kilometers). The company will also utilize our concentrate facility to prevent waste as well as utilize our conditioning room to prepare their pineapples for export. This will be a symbiotic relationship that is bound to reflect very positively on lives of over 180 million people in Nigeria. 

      Cooling Room/Conditioning Room (3000cbm): The expectation is that fruit concentrate will be produced, stored, and distributed to customers immediately. However, over a period, there may be a need to store concentrates of seasonal fruits longer for higher off-season utilization. The Cooling Room will serve the concentrate facility as well as the needs of every processing plant 100-200 kilometers close to the facility. The Cooling Room will prevent condensation issues, avoid hygienic issues like mold, protect packaging against softening and keep the product quality high during the whole storage period. The climate in the room is controlled and verified daily, keeping conditions strictly at +5°C/55% RH. Under these conditions, the products keep their original quality and freshness, with no product waste due to humidity. The Conditioning Room will be constructed using load-bearing precast walls with a steel supported roof structure. The Conditioning Room and Concentrate Production Line will take up an area space of approximately 2,000 square meter (minimum). The conditioning room will serve as a cold storage and preservation center for cold and perishable goods in and around Enugu Metropolis. Other potential customers of our Cooling Room/Conditioning Center are growing number of Grocery Store Chain like Shoprite, Game Store, Roban Store, Ibeto Store, Eastern Shop, as well as, numerous bottling and beverage companies like, Aqua Raffa Bottling, NBL (makers of Hennekin and other local beer), NBC (makers of Coca Cola and other beverages), 7UP (makers of 7UP, Pepsi and other beverages), numerous Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and Juice blending companies around Enugu State. We will provide 24hr cooling services effectively utilizing our 4ton/hr. Boiler. We strongly believe that once this service is effectively marketed, our group will be looking at expansion within a short period. In addition, Enugu State recently acquired an Export Free Zone certification. This processing plant will take full advantage of that certification by providing a conditioning center for fruits, vegetables, and other similar products before export.

1CAP PRESS/FORMING Production Line: The CAP Press/Forming Production Line adopts a continuous compression molding hydraulic press for plastic cap manufacturing via the extrusion of dry-blend granulated compounds (i.e. HDPE, PP), metering, pelleting and insertion in the cavities to mold it into the final shape. Granting the capacity of the machine depends heavily on compound properties and the geometry of the manufactured caps, however, this type of Production Line is well known for speed and quality. Its rotating design ensures continuous cap production and no injection time. Thus, yield is greatly increased. The caps made with this process are smoother with a tighter structure.

Currently, most consumers buy from Lagos, and the very few companies in Lagos engaged in manufacturing of caps use injection system. The injection system is known to be time consuming, thereby making it difficult for these companies in Lagos to meet their order in a timely fashion. As a result, we propose an establishment of a Cap Press/Forming Production Line in Enugu. This is a volume business because of high consumption rate for bottled water, juice and soft drinks. Here are other advantages of setting up the CAP Press/Forming Production Line: Intelligent PLC controlling system, Human-machine interface, easy & stable operation, Machine adopts world class industry design, exquisite electrical configuration, and superb assembling technology, Easy computer operation realizes full auto production, Rotation compressing cap offers shorter cycling time with no injection point, making it easy for cap logo printing, Cap with high density, are interchangeable over time for one color cap to another,  Low energy consumption output triples compared with traditional cap injection molding machine, Each cap mold is independently compressed, no runner scrap, Easy and low cost mold maintenance. 

PET Preform Production Line There is a huge market for PET Preform since PET is known to be a great material for producing pure, healthy and food grade containers. It complies with most of the food materials and do not affect the physical appearance, taste or odor. It is unbreakable, tough and incredibly convenient for production and storage. Due to high sustaining capability, it is ideal for storing carbonated products. It has a low permeability to gases and humidity increasing shelf-life of products. Due to high-chemical resistance it is a good package material for harsh chemicals and acid. Lightweight, high-strength and leak-proof PET bottles and containers offer an ideal substitute for glass. 




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