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About Solution

SWAPAfrica is making it possible for everyone to access the resources of skills, services or physical tools that he or she needs to progress in business or entrepreneurship, at school or education and job or employment world without being limited by 'lack of money' but through swapping, sharing, lending and borrowing these resources.It is a barter trade marketplace in skills, goods and services.

For every young woman stuck, a student failing school, a job-seeker experiencing difficulties, an entrepreneur not progressing, there is a common hindrance; lack of access to needed resources of skills, services and physical goods and, of course, funding! SWAPafrica takes away this inaccessibility and gives power to everyone irrespective of the inequalities in our communities.

Take an example:

Alex is a photographer but his business is stagnant because he doesn't know how to use Adobe Photoshop to develop pictures. And, worst of it all, he doesn't have enough money to pay for the software or even learn it! On the other hand, Winnie, an expert with Adobe Photoshop designs is a poor photographer. Apparently, she doesn't have enough money to pay for photography lessons! How about we directly connected Winnie to Alex and enable them to satisfy each other's need so they can both progress in their work? Yes, SWAPafrica is doing this.

We are connecting women and men to the skills, services and goods they need at their workplaces, in their businesses or at school in their education without them being limited by lack of money. When poor people are empowered with skills, can access services and physical tools they need, they can make money in all ways possible with these resources. We are treating poverty and hunger from deep within!

More examples:

  • Let me design a business website for you in exchange for piano playing lessons. We both win and move forwad!
  • Can i offer you swimming lessons in exchange for a project proposal writing?
  • How about i repair you TV in exchange for a bunch of matooke tonight?
  • I have a phone i am not using; let me offer it to you and you shall have my compound cleaned!
  • Lend me the novel on 'the richest man in Babylon' and i have a star wars DVD to offer you for a week period.

How it works!

  • Visit www.swapafrica.net or download app
  • Register and start swapping!



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